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GeGeroGeh! GeRoGeRoh!!
kerokerokero...its starting!
kerokero...learn how to draw keroro song!
big and round UFO...
it looks likw windows but there just holes.(no way)
you can see pekopon from there.(for the invasion!)
i took a u-turn as a detour to buy gunpla.
one more u-turn as you crash into a mountain.(gero)
oh no the UFO crashed.(you could say,its your own fault)
i should be serious when im cleaning the bathroom.
but i slack off once a week.(stupid frog!)
i wiped the floor carefully with a mop,
and suddenly, my face is glittering!
french fires and regular meals go in to separate stomachs.
nyororo,please dont come again...(please?)
(go get sucked by it again)
the star upon my head is the sign of a leader.
he does not fear anything!(are you sure about that?)
sargeant keroro, complete!

GiRoGiRoGiRo...its starting right now!
GiRoGiRo...learn how to draw giroro song!
the big red sun thats about to go down,
shines right on top of pekoponian houses(girori)
fromt he horizon,a mushroom arose.(whats that?)
if its a poisonus one, ill be dead.(throw it away!)
let the flag of victory flutter in the sky.
i eneter enemy territory on my ship.(be careful of traps.)
(im just going to school)
inside my belt i have natsume's photograph
my dad had severe doulbe chins.(Really?)
even if i cant see the tiny mountain path ahead of me,
all i have to do is forge on ahead.
even if the path curves, it doesnt matter.
i just have to be careful and sally forth.(natsume!)
the scar on my face is the glory of a warrior.
i wont let others call me a crazy dog.(giku)
corporal giroro, complete!(giro)

TaMaTaMaTaMa..its starting!
TaMaTaMa...learn how to draw tamama song!
eating such a big icream with a spoon.
the rice cakes here are all mine.(hehe)
if its candy, then i give them to you.(gero)
the leftover cake on the plate is mine.(thats...)
(thats for Fuyuki-kun!)
everyones jealousy must be shared.
thoes shared jealousy becomes... the jealousy ball!(jealousy!)
on the table is a cup.
having to straws means gunsou-san and i are..(love-dovey, desu!)
click goes the coke can when its opened.(dont shake it)
i pour them into two portions.
of course, im the only one drinking them.
but that woman alwaya bothers us!(go pour some wasabi juice for yourself!)
a sharp heart is the sign of jealousy.
lets a have a little jealousy here, too.(ah!)
private second class tamama, complete!(tama)

KuRuKuRuKuRu... are you ready yet
KuRuKuRu...learn how to draw kururu song!
my headphones are the best.
lets change the background after this.(kukuku)
the cd on the right has dangerous data.
the cd on the left has a hidden movie. (want to see it)
i can read any kind of data.(how pointless)
i only care about you when i want to.(dont talk to me randomly)
(he really goes at his own pace)
im very hard to get along with.
ive been naughty ever since i was little.
im still naughty even after growing up.(kuku)
i fear honest and pure people the most.
you should be careful of annoying email.
ill secretly laugh at you as i walk by.(ku---kukuku)
come, you spiral-like viruses.
my personality is dark? who cares what you think.(ku--kuku)
sargent major kururu, complete!(tch)

DoRoDoRoDoRo...its starting!
DoRoDoRo...learn how to draw dororo song!
um...arent you forgetting someone?
my eyes are actually the same as keroro-kun's.(dont pose me.)
i eat with chopsticks.
the spork is an evil invention.(this is quite nice.)
Mt. Fuji is number one in japan(eh? where's dororo?)
walking silenty like a ninja...(dororo's not here.)
i have to tie my apron well.
getting pushed to jump like a frog for a lap...(why?)
this persimmon has my painful memories.
my trauma switch has turned on.(DoRoDoRo...)
wars on my west, disasters on my east.
nija art, wind of disaster!(toya!)
that bright shuriken is only for peace.
are we really friends?(gero?)
lance corporal dororo, complete!(nin!)

lets all have fun in these how to draw songs!(gero!)(KeKero!)